Emergency and Public Safety Sector: The emergency and public safety sector is the most diverse sector in the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority due to the multiple specializations. The emergency and public safety sector undertakes several responsibilities and fields, the most important of which is the preparation and implementation of emergency security plans to reduce deaths and injuries and reduce the economic and social costs resulting from accidents and accidents Biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear, organizing and running specialized patrols in aid operations and dealing with dangerous materials, in addition to another aspect that takes education and awareness as one of its specializations by extending lines of communication and partnership with the community to activate volunteering in the implementation of the tasks and responsibilities of the authority.

The emergency and public safety sector consists of three departments: the Ambulance Department, the Department of Dealing with Hazardous Materials, and the Public Safety Department. It is worth noting that the emergency and safety sector includes qualified and approved human cadres from the regulatory authorities in the emirate, as the Ambulance Department deals with reports of emergency cases and reports Injuries resulting from accidents and various injuries. The large fleet of ambulances also contributes to ensuring a rapid response rate of no more than ten minutes to reach the report's source. As for the management of dealing with dangerous materials, it has gained its importance due to the significant development in the threats resulting from accidents of biological, radiological and nuclear materials, and one of the most essential duties responsible for it is to address the spread of epidemics and terrorist attacks, whether natural, radiological or chemical, and there is a responsibility to secure the Barakah nuclear power plant, which is The first commercial nuclear plant at the Arab level, as for the Public Safety Department, it came with the aim of ensuring the opening of lines of cooperation, coordination and partnership with members of society, with the purpose of qualifying a support and support team from different groups of society through the rehabilitation and education of community members on how to deal with emergency situations, which contributes to successful and correct handling In case of various accidents, this department also carries out the duties of forming a team of volunteers from members of the community who are hoped to work side by side with their brothers, paramedics, firefighters, or rescuers, which contributes to reducing complications in cases of accidents and ensuring specialized intervention in emergency situations and until the arrival of the technical team and with the aim of establishing a culture Volunteering by finding a trained and qualified generation familiar with the most prominent areas of defense work Civil.

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