With the launch of the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority website, we renew our continuous commitment to work with high professionalism to achieve the safety of lives and properties, protect them from risks, limit losses, and spread the culture of preventive awareness with qualified cadres, accompanying equipment, partnership, and fruitful cooperation.
We pledge our wise leadership to work with high efficiency in implementing our mission to preserve the nation's gains and its people and residents' safety. We will spare no effort to spread a safe culture among all segments of society, follow developments and keep abreast of developments using the latest mechanisms and equipment to preserve national gains and the safety of life and property.
We also affirm the authority's interest in extending bridges of communication with various institutions, bodies, and the public within a meaningful partnership to spread the culture of safety and enhance the capabilities of the population to act in emergencies appropriately, based on our conviction that increasing community awareness is one of the essential pillars of the success of civil defense in performing its tasks in preserving national gains and safety. Lives and possessions.
We believe in the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority in the importance of community participation and cooperation with it and gaining its confidence and satisfaction with what we are doing in terms of efforts, tasks, and duties as a society is a significant part of those priorities. From this standpoint, this website comes to be the effective link between the authority and the public of those dealing with it, hoping for continuous communication and interaction. Our mission is to protect society and enhance its safety.

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