Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority exited the first batch of its (72) employees working within the authority's field emergency teams from the capacity building, support, psychological immunization, and repercussions course approved by the American Academy of Accidents, where the implementation of the course supervised by the psychological support and immunization team at the authority


Eighteen members of the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority have passed an advanced training course using "firefighting robots" in fighting fires.

Colonel Omar Ahmed Al Dhaheri, Director of the Rescue and Fire Department, affirmed the authority's keenness to use artificial intelligence in firefighting operations in line with the development of the latest global advanced technologies to enhance the achievement of the highest levels of international response.

Colonel Fadhel Muhammad Al Ghafli, Director of the Training Department at the Authority, stated during the graduation that the associates were distinguished and showed high skills and competence in mastering its theoretical and practical program and their professionalism to deal with advanced technologies in the robot, which works with artificial intelligence and remote control technology, with a distance of no more than 500 meters.

It is reported that the robot pumps large quantities of water, starting from 1500 liters to 10,000 liters per minute, with the regular system and the water spray system. It can also be used to pump and withdraw large quantities of air currents and draw weights of up to 3.8 tons. It is distinguished by a bulldozer in the front and is used to put out various types of fires in industrial areas, tunnels, and closed car parks.



Update On26 Jan 2021

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